Mormon Historical Studies - Spring 2015 | Vol. 16 | No. 1

Purchase a hard copy for $15.00
Purchase a hard copy for $15.00


“We”ll Sing and We’ll Shout!”: Who is the Real W.W. Phelps?
by Bruce A. Van Orden

The 1933 Willie Handcart Company Marker at Rock Creek Hollow
by Melvin L. Bashore

“We Feel Very Proud of Our Relief Society Building”:The History of the Newcastle, Utah, Ward Relief Society Hall, 1920-1970.
by R. Eric Smith

Lucy Diantha Morley Allen:  Exemplifying Her Family’s Legacy of Communalism and Consecration
by Scott C. Esplin

The Fascinating Life of Vienna Jaqus
by Brent M. Rogers

Conversations with Mormon Historians

The Professionalization of the Archives of the LDS Church and the State of Utah: A Conversation with Jeffery O. Johnson
Interview by Ronald O. Barney


Orson Pratt and Orson Hyde, “A Bill for the relief of ‘the Latter Day Saints,’ exiled from the State of Missouri in the Winter of 1838 and 1839, [26 April 1844]”
Edited by Spencer W. cBride and Jeffrey Mahas

Mormon Places

The State of the Church in 1852
by Brandon Plewe

Book Reviews

Banishing the Cross: The Emergence of a Mormon Taboo
By Michael G. Reed
Reviewed by Brian W. Whitney

Saints Observed: Studies of Mormon Village Life, 1850-2005; Four Classic Mormon Village Studies
By Howard N, Bahr
Reviewed by Alan L. Morrell

Latter-day Lore: Mormon Folklore Studies
By Eric A. Eliason and Tom Mould, EDS.
Reviewed by Curtis Ashton

The Polygamous Wives Writing Club: From the Diaries of Mormon Pioneer Women
By Paula Kelly Harline
Reviewed by Jessie L. Embry

Building Zion: The Material World of Mormon Settlement
By Thomas Carter
Reviewed by David Wright