Mormon Historical Studies - Spring/Fall 2016 | Vol. 17| No. 1 & 2

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Early Mormon Missionary Work in Hong Kong: The Letters of James Lewis to Apostle and Church Historian George A. Smith, 1853-1855
by Reid L. Neilson

The LDS Church in Taiwan: the First Three Years
by John Hilton III

The Chinese Scriptures
by Po Nien (Felipe) Chou, Petra Chou, and Tyler Thorsted

The Melting Pot: A Jewish Play’s Influence on Twentieth-Century LDS Thought
by Jared Ludlow

Rose Marie Reid, LeGrand Richards, and the”The Plan for Teaching the Gospel to Jewish People”
by Andrew C. Reed, John Murphy, and Jesse King

Mormons Who Guided Micronesia’s Return to Self-Rule
by R. Devan Jensen


Photo Essay

LDS Church History Sites in the Kingdom of Tonga
by Riley M. Moffat

Special Section on Icelandic Mormonism

“Are You Leaving, My Dear Friend!” Iceland in the Time of Immigration to America
by Guomundur Halfdanarson

Freedom of Religion and the First Civil Marriage in Iceland
by Markus Porhallsson

Nineteenth-Century Iceland as Seen in Sigfus Eymundsson’s Photographs: A Visual Account by Inga Lara Baldvinsdottir

The First Three Icelanders to Settle in North America
by Fred E. Woods and Kari Bjarnason

An Ambivalent Expatriate: The Life of Runolfur Runolfsson
by Mark E. Mendenhall

Sveinbjorg Guomundsdottir: “Thous Shalt Be Called a Translator”
by Matthew K. Heiss

Commemorating the Legacy of Icelandic Saints
by Steven L. Olsen

Book Reviews

The Columbia Sourcebook of Mormons in the United States
By Terryl L. Givens and Reid L. Neilson, EDS
Reviewed by John Hatchs

Conversations with Mormon Historians
by Alexander L. Baugh and Reid L. Neilson, EDS
Reviewed by Spencer McBride

Sacred Space: Exploring the Birthplace of Mormonism
By Michael Hubbard MacKay
Reviewed by Daniel H. Olsen

A Kingdom Transformed: Early Mormonism and the Modern LDSChurch, Second Edition
BY Gordon Shepherd and Gary Shepherd
Reviewed by Jessie L. Embry

The Journal of George Q. Cannon, 1855-1875
Reviewed by Gene Sessions