Mormon Historical Studies - Fall 2009 | Vol. 10 | No. 2

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Skulls and Crossed Bones?- A Forensic Study of the Remains of Hyrum and Joseph Smith – Curtis G. Weber

The Making of Modern Scripture- Latter-day Saints and the Book of Commandments and Revelations – by Steven C. Harper

Different and Unique- The Word of Wisdom in the Historical, Cultural, and Social Setting of the 1830s – by Paul Y. Hoskisson

Emma Smith, Eliza R. Snow, and the Reported Incident on the Stairs – by Brian C. Hales

Turning the Key that Unlocked the Door- Elder David O. McKay’s 1921 Apostolic Dedication of the Chinese Realm – by Reid L. Neilson

Historic Sites

The Mormons Are Coming- The LDS Church’s Twentieth Century Return to Nauvoo – Scott C. Esplin

Conversations With Historians

The Historian’s Craft- A Conversation with Richard Lyman Bushman – Jed Woodworth


Guilty of High Misdemeanors, Villainy, Conspiracy, and Treason- Samuel Bogart’s 1839 Letter about the Mormons to the Quincy, Illinois, Postmaster – by Alexander L. Baugh

Book Reviews

Leonard J. Arrington- A Historian’s Life: Gary Topping – Reviewed by James B. Allen

Post-Manifesto Polygamy- The 1899–1904 Correspondence of Helen, Owen, and Avery Woodruff: LuAnn Taylor Snyder and Phillip A. Snyder, eds. – Reviewed by Jessie L. Embry

Amasa Mason Lyman, Mormon Apostle and Apostate- A Study in Dedication: Edward Leo Lyman – Reviewed by Gary James Bergera

Mormon Convert, Mormon Defector- A Scottish Immigrant in the American West, 1848–1861: Polly Aird – Reviewed by Jeffery Nichols