Mormon Historical Studies - Spring/Fall 2012 | Vol. 13 | No. 1 & 2

Purchase a Hard Copy for $15.00
Purchase a Hard Copy for $15.00


Reconsidering Lucy Mack Smith’s Folk Magic Confession
by Samuel M. Brown

“Seeking after Monarchal Power and Authority”- Joseph Smith and Leadership in the Church of Christ, 1831–1832
by Matthew C. Godfrey

Joseph Smith’s Description of Paul the Apostle
by Thomas A. Wayment

Joseph Smith’s Plural Wives after the Martyrdom
by Brian C. Hales

Conversations with Historians

“Challenging the Model”- Reflections of Laurel Thatcher Ulrich
Interview by Nathan H. Williams

Joseph Smith’s Chronicler- An Interview with Dean C. Jessee
Interview by Robin Scott Jensen


Not So Long Ago
by Elder Steven E. Snow

Historical Sites

“Silence, Ye Fiends of the Infernal Pit!”- Joseph Smith’s Incarceration in Richmond, Missouri, November 1838
by Alexander L. Baugh

Challenges and Triumphs of Ground-Penetrating Radar for Studying the Archaeological Resources of Mormon Nauvoo
by John H. McBride, Benjamin C. Pykles, Ryan W. Saltzgiver, Chelsea Richard, and R. William Keach II

Remembering the Early Saints in Canada- The Southern Alberta Historic Markers Project
by Gary L. Boatright Jr.


Friends and Enemies in Washington- Joseph F. Smith’s Letter to Susa Young Gates, March 21, 1889
by David M. Whitchurch and Mallory Hales Perry


Finding Refuge in El Paso- Commemorating the July 1912 Mormon Exodus from Mexico
by Fred E. Woods

Book Reviews

The Joseph Smith Papers- Journals, Volume 2, December 1841–April 1843
Reviewed by Hobson Woodward

The Development of LDS Temple Worship 1846–2000- A Documentary History
By Devery S. Anderson, ed.
Reviewed by Dustin M. Naegle

The Nauvoo City and High Council Minutes
By John S. Dinger
Reviewed by Brady Winslow

Excavating Nauvoo- The Mormons and the Rise of Historical Archaeology in America
By Benjamin C. Pykles
Reviewed by Scott C. Esplin

Exhibiting Mormonism- The Latter-day Saints and the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair
By Reid L. Neilson
Reviewed by Robert W. Rydell