Mormon Historical Studies - Fall 2014 | Vol. 15 | No. 2

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Isaac andElizabeth Hale in Their Endless Mountain Home
by Mark L. Staker

Habeas Corpus and the Courts: Individual Liberties from Joseph Smith to Abraham Lincoln to Guantanamo (A Story and a Play)
by Jeffrey N. Walker

“There is the Greatest Excitement in This Country That I Ever Beheld”: Mormonism’s New England Ministry of the Forgotten Eli P.  Maginn 
by Ronald O. Barney

The 2014 Junius F. Wells Award: Donald L. Enders

Book Reviews

Book Reviews

Mapping Mormonism: An Atlas of Latter-day Saint History
By Brandon S. Plewe
Reviewed by Benjamin F. Tillman

“A Peculiar People”: Anti-Mormonism and the Making of Religion
in Nineteenth-Century America
By J. Spencer Fluhman
Reviewed by Constance Palmer Lewis

Kirtland Temple: The Biography of a Shared Mormon Sacred Space
By David J. Howlett
Reviewed by William D. Russell

Gathering as One: The History of the Mormon Tabernacle in Salt Lake City
By Elwin C. Robison with Randall W. Dixon
Reviewed by Anne Barrett

Cowboy Apostle: The Diaries of Anthony W. Ivins, 1875-1932
Edited by Elizabeth O. Anderson
Reviewed by Brian W. Whitney