Mormon Historical Studies - Spring/ Fall 2007 | Vol. 8 | No. 1 & 2

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Introduction & Contents

The Prairie Branch, Jackson County, Missouri: Emergence, Flourishing, and Demise, 1831-1834 by Larry C. Porter and Ronald E. Romig

Finding Saints: Mormon Conversions in Freedom, New York by Mark A. Steele

On the Road with Zion’s Camp: A Photographic Essay of the 1834 Missouri Expedition by Kenneth R. Mays

Book of Mormon Geography in the World of Joseph Smith by Andrew H. Hedges

“We Had Everything to Procure from Missouri”: The Missouri Lifeline to the Mormon Exodus, 1846-1850 by Richard E. Bennett

Conversation with Historians

Honest History: A Conversation with Thomas G. Alexander Interview by David R. Hall


A Response to the PBS Documentary, “The Mormons” by Richard E. Bennett


I Don’t Have a Testimony of the History of the Church by Davis Bitton

Historic Sites

Remembering Where La’ie Gathered: The Dedication of the Lanihuli Home and Social Hall Historical Markers by R. Eric Beaver


A Rare Account of the Haun’s Mill Massacre: The Reminiscence of Willard Gilbert Smith by Alexander L. Baugh

Book Reviews

God’s Country, Uncle Sam’s Land: Faith and Conflict in the American West by Todd M. Kerstetter Reviewed by Stephen C. Taysom, Indiana University

Doing the Works of Abraham: Mormon Polygamy: Its Origin, Practice, and Demise, Vol. 9, Kingdom in the West Series: The Mormons and the American Frontier, ed. Will Bagley and B. Carmon Hardy Reviewed by Alan L. Morrell, PhD candidate in History at the University of Utah.