Mormon Historical Studies - Spring 2009 | Vol. 10 | No. 1

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“Long Shall His Blood . . . Stain Illinois”- Carthage Jail in Mormon Memory – by Brian Q. Cannon

The Haun’s Mill Massacre and the Extermination Order of Missouri Governor Lilburn W. Boggs – by Alexander L. Baugh

James Adams of Springfield, Illinois- The Link between Abraham Lincoln and Joseph Smith – by Susan Easton Black

“We Know No North, No South, No East, No West”- Mormon Interpretations of the Civil War, 1861–1865 – by Richard E. Bennett

The Beginnings of the First LDS Institute of Religion at Moscow, Idaho – Dennis A. Wright

Historic Sites

“Old 42”- The British and European Mission Headquarters in Liverpool, England, 1855–1904 – by Ronald G. Watt and Kenneth W. Godfrey

The Fate of the LDS East German Mission Home in World War II – by Roger P. Minert

Conversations with Historians

The Gentleman Historian- A Conversation with Larry C. Porter – Interview by Kyle R. Walker


Wilford C. Wood– President Thomas S. Monson

Photographic Essay

A Man of Vision and Determination- A Photographic Essay and Tribute to Wilford C. Wood – by Kenneth R. Mays


“It is Thought They Will be Shot on the Grounds”- A Letter from Missourian Josiah Hendrick During the Mormon-Missouri Conflict – by Kyle R. Walker

The Complete Record of the Nauvoo Library and Literary Institute – by Christopher C. Jones

Book Reviews

People of Paradox- A History of Mormon Culture: Terryl L. Givens – Reviewed by Jed Woodworth

Joseph Smith, Jr.- Reappraisals after Two Centuries: Reid L. Neilson and Terryl L. Givens, eds. – Reviewed by Matthew Bowman

Dreams, Myths, & Reality- Utah and the American West: William Thomas Allison and Susan J. Matt, eds. – Reviewed by Jedediah S. Rogers