Mormon Historical Studies - Fall 2008 | Vol. 9 | No. 2

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“Overwhelmingly Democratic”- Cultural Identity in Jackson County, Missouri, 1827–1833 – by Steven C. Harper

“Guilty of Such Folly?”- Accusations of Adultery and Polygamy Against Oliver Cowdery -by Brian C. Hales

“Upon a Lot . . . Not Far From the Courthouse”- A Photographic History of the Temple Lot in Independence, Jackson County, Missouri – by R. Jean Addams and Alexander L. Baugh

From Home Service to Social Service- Amy Brown Lyman and the Development of Social Work in the LDS Church – Dave Hall

Conversations With Historians

“There is Always Something You Can Do”- A Conversation with Claudia Bushman – Interview by Kristine Wardle Frederickson


Alexander W. Doniphan- A Path to Follow – W. Christian Sizemore

The Utah War and Its Mountain Meadows Massacre- Lessons Learned, Surprises Encountered – William P. MacKinnon


The Lady and the Governor- Emma Hale Smith’s and Thomas Carlin’s 1842 Correspondence – by Andrew H. Hedges and Alex D. Smith

“This Great Thing Which Has Come to Me a Humble, Weak Farmer Boy”- Ezra Taft Benson’s 1943 Call to the Apostleship – by Gary James Bergera


Mormonism in the Land of the Morning Calm- A Bibliography of Published Sources on the LDS Church in Korea – by Reid L. Neilson

Historic Sites

The Historic Gate at Brigham Young Academy Square – by L. Douglas Smoot

Junius F. Wells Award

The 2008 Junius F. Wells Award- A Tribute to L. Douglas Smoot – by Kenneth R. Mays

Book Review

At Sword’s Point – A Documentary History of the Utah War to 1858 – William P. Mackinnon – Reviewed by Lawrence Coates